SpeedMerchants at Watkins Glen PCA Club Race May 27/29 2011

Fridays practice sessions were damp, marred by Black Flags, I got 8 good laps in during the first two sessions.  Then we had qualifying, everyone on slicks, and down came the rain….
So, with an inverted field for the first race, 14 Cup Cars had sat out Qualifying, the first race was very exciting, only on short full course Yellow.  I spent that first race figuring out the track and trying to get up to speed.  The guys here are flying.  I finished the first race middle of the field, second in Class. 
Second race, first Lap, first corner, great start for me, a car beside me tapped my outside rear wheel, knocking off my valve stem.  Too bad that’s racing.
Bob is doing great, out pacing most of the weekend.  His first two races were fast, putting in the front half of the big GTC3 run group.  He will likely finish on the podium for the Enduro.
Today, it’s sunny and we have the 90 minute Enduro to run at 2pm.
I’ll let you know how it finishes..

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