SpeedMerchants at Petit Lemans – Road Atlanta Oct 2011

Hi Everyone
What an amazing week at Road Atlanta and the Petit Lemans.
IMSA puts on such a well organized event. My guys have done an equally amazing job preparing the car and making me fast, and especially JF Dumoulin coaching and instilling a winning strategy.
Shaun McKaigue from Toronto, driving with Fiorano Racing, has been working closely under our canopy and racing on the track even closer……. Much of the weekend we have only been separated by a tenth of a second.
Qualifying was Thursday morning. Both Shaun and I dropped two seconds off our times. I started 22nd overall, 7th in Class. Shaun 24th overall, 9th in Class.
The first race was the best I’ve ever ran. It’s amazing how well you do when you move up into a more competitive Series, and these guys are FAST! Get up to there speed…..or get out of the way. Data showed Turn 1 “G-Force” loads of 2.5g’s!
The race had one yellow flag half way through. Creating a great ten lap sprint to the finish. This is where I did my best driving, moving up five positions overall and finishing 5th in Class.
Best moment of the race came with the last three laps. Passing a Platinum car to try and catch the 5th place Gold car, I spent to laps closing a 5 second gap. Last lap I caught his rear bumper on the exit of Turn 7 and stayed glued to it down the back straight. At the end of the straight, 258kph, he made a defensive move to the inside of the braking zone of turn 10. This left one option, pass him around the outside of the corner! And that is exactly what I did, taking 5th place away from him. Very thrilling moment and the best race move I have ever made. What a great race.
Second Race will be around 11:15 today……
Thanks for all the support!


Great First Race…..and the second race… you can see a car sideways on the second start. I’m behind that cloud of Red Dust and don’t see him as he releases his brake and shoots across in front of me…

What might have been….
nothing is a guaranteed in Racing, the fastest guy doesn’t always win, that’s why we run the races. Things happen, we call them “incidents” for a reason. its not an accident when a car looses its grip and spins into other cars before the Start/finish line has even been crossed….., we shrug and smile and think about how our strategy might have unfolded. All the hard work and preparation put in by the crew. The personal sacrifices made by them and their families while away so many weekends, not to mention the late nights in the shop. They are a truly unique group that deserves more credit than they receive. All we can say is thank you and feel their disappointment when the Car gets taken out in the first lap.
And what might have been?? The Car that finished third in our race, started well behind us…..so I guess it might have been me standing on the podium. but thats racing and ‘What might have been’.

Video’s will be posted on youtube shortly.

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